Kentucky Industry Working On Computerized System To Spot Equine Health Problems

The Kentucky Thoroughbred Association (KTA) is working in conjunction with the University of Kentucky, horsemen, and veterinarians to develop a computer program that would help the equine industry detect health problems like mare reproductive loss syndrome more rapidly.

According to KTA executive director David Switzer, the program would be designed to combine the information from all post-mortem examinations conducted at UK's Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center and spot "common abnormalities in an expeditious manner."

Switzer said the next step in the project would involve listening to a proposal from Dr. Francois Elvinger, an epidemiologist from Virginia Tech, on Monday. The presentation will include Elvinger's recommendations about the type of information that needs to be gathered. If his proposal is accepted bythe KTA and its partners, they will then seek a computer programmer to develop the project further.

Following its completion, the computer program would be made available to diagnostic centers and universities around the world, according to Switzer.

In addition to UK, the KTA is working on the project with the Kentucky Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders, Hagyard-Davidson-McGee veterinary clinic, Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital, and the Kentucky Association of Equine Practitioners.