Winter Weather KOs Oaklawn Again

Live racing at Oaklawn Park has been canceled for Thursday, Feb. 6..

"We have a situation where the combination of all the moisture from two to three inches of snow, plus the prediction for sub-freezing temperatures over the next couple of nights puts us at risk for losing a number of days of racing, should we push to race today," said general manager Eric Jackson.

"We have a good seal on the racing surface right now and would have to open that seal and let in all that water to race. Once the water is in the track the freezing temperatures of the next couple nights would make it virtually impossible for us to race over the weekend."

Reports from the Arkansas State Patrol helped track officials make the decision to close. "The roads coming to Oaklawn, especially from the north were bad," said Jackson. "And we were told they were going to get worse before they got better."

The track will be open for simulcast racing only.