Paasch Relocating to Kentucky from California

Chris Paasch will shift his headquarters from California to Kentucky within the next month. "I'm moving my operation to Lexington, Kentucky, probably on March 1," the 45-year-old native old native of Rochester, N.Y. said Thursday morning at Santa Anita.

"I've got an opportunity to do something there at the old 505 Farms, which was broken up last fall and auctioned off in three parcels. We had an opportunity through someone who called me to go in and set that up as an actual Thoroughbred training center and have the opportunity to have my horses right there on the farm. It's one of the more highly regarded tracks in the state, if you were to ask the horsemen back there.

"As a matter of fact, Steve (Santa Anita track superintendent Steve Wood) takes care of that surface and he has for the last few years," Paasch said. "They just renovated the place again last fall and spent a quarter of a million dollars on the surfacing of it. When I came back and started training horses, I was offered to train in a lot of states and because I like California so much, I decided to come here. But this opportunity is hard to walk away from."