Equine Abortions In Central Kentucky Still Ahead Of Last Year's Pace

The number of equine abortions in Central Kentucky remains ahead of last year's pace based on the most recent report issued by the University of Kentucky's Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center (LDDC) on Tuesday, Feb. 11. Thirty-eight aborted fetuses were submitted to the LDDC for examination during 2003's sixth week compared to 33 during the same time period in 2002. The cumulative total for this year is 196 compared to 162 for 2002.

"We're continuing to post accessions to the Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center so that our equine industry is kept informed as we enter the spring foaling season," said Dr. David Powell of the University of Kentucky. "As in the past, it is important to look at these accessions in terms of possible trends that may occur over several weeks rather than a slight increase reported for a specific week."

So far, scientists have said that the information collected from the fetuses has not been consistent with the signs of mare reproductive loss syndrome.