Kentucky Bill Seeks Quarter Horse Racing, Simulcasting

Legislation authorizing Quarter Horse racing and simulcasting has been introduced in the Kentucky House of Representatives.

The bill, authored by Rep. Fred Nesler of western Kentucky, basically rewrites current law to include Quarter Horse racing. It makes provisions for live racing, as well as allows Thoroughbred and Standardbred tracks to import Quarter Horse simulcasts.

Last year, the Kentucky Quarter Horse Association expressed interest in holding live Quarter Horse races at Turfway Park. In addition, Southern Bluegrass Racing, a Louisville-based entity, applied for a license to build a Quarter Horse track in southeast Kentucky.

Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred interests continue to discuss the possibility of holding some live Quarter Horse races in the state. The Southern Bluegrass Racing proposal was rejected by the Kentucky Racing Commission last fall.

Quarter Horse racing was last held in Kentucky at Bluegrass Downs, now a harness track, and Riverside Downs, which is no longer in operation. Both tracks are located in western Kentucky.