Asian Racing Conference Takes Place March 1-6

The 29th Asian Racing Conference in Auckland, New Zealand from March 1-6 is being staged to strengthen the Asian Racing Federation's position in global racing.

A 25-strong delegation from the Hong Kong Jockey Club is travelling to New Zealand for the various business sessions discussing topics ranging from cross-border protection of the racing product, to international race planning and veterinary issues.

HKJC chairman Ronald Arculli will head the delegation along with chief executive Lawrence Wong. Wong will chair the first business session on wagering on March 3 during which John Schreck, senior consultant of racing control, will present a paper entitled 'Racing Integrity and Betting Exchanges.' Schreck will analyize the worldwide threat posed by betting exchanges, offer possible solutions to counter this growing menace to racing, and urge ARF nations to act against them.

Also during this session, Dr. Teruyuki Imahara, presidential controller and international representative of the Japan Racing Association, which last year signed a 'Good Neighbor Policy' agreement with the HKJC, will discuss the Japanese experience of unlimited, unregulated, and uncontrolled betting from illegal gambling organizations.

There will be four Business Sessions in total, the others will concern breeding, the racing horse, and the state of racing.

On March 5, Winfried Engelbrecht-Bresges, HKJC executive director of racing, will chair an International Grading and Race Planning Advisory Committee meeting. They will discuss the state of the current international racing calendar and the prospect of new international races; advise countries on the implementation of a pattern or grading system, and examine the development of the World Series Racing Championship and an ARF Series.