2003 Grayson-Jockey Club Research Foundation Projects (Cont.)

Two-Years Projects Funded For Second Year

Accelerated regression of endometrial cups: Dr. Doug Antczak, Cornell University, $45,253

Effect of airway inflammation and mucus on racehorse performance: Dr. Susan Holcombe, Michigan State University, $52,343

Respiratory immune responses of foals: Dr. David Horohov, Louisiana State University, $54,530

Role of Streptococcus bovis exotoxins in equine laminitis: Dr. Philip Johnson, University of Missouri, $42,790

Colonic pathophysology in horses administered phenylbutazone: Dr. Rebecca McConnico, Louisiana State University, $68,261

Growth factor gene transduced stem cells for cartilage repair: Dr. Alan Nixon, Cornell University, $50,505

Functional analysis of equine laminar artery: Dr. John Peroni, University of Georgia, $20,989

Electrical cardioversion of atrial fibrillation in the horse: Dr. Peter Physick-Sheard, Guelph University, Prepaid

Equine genes, microarrays and responses to Gram-positive toxins: Dr. Michel Vandenplas, University of Georgia, $39,000