Keeneland Receives 1,500 Early Yearling Nominations

Keeneland received approximately 1,500 nominations for its September yearling sale by its first deadline.

After the announcement the sale company was not holding its July yearling sale this year, consignors were allowed to nominate by the normal March 1 deadline for the summer sale or usual May 1 deadline for the fall auction.

"We still don't know how many we will have in the select portion (of the September sale) because some consignors have nominated only select yearlings so far while others have nominated yearlings for the whole sale," Geoffrey Russell, Keeneland's director of sales, said today.

"The traditional date for the September sale is still May 1 for all sessions," Russell said.

While comparisons are impossible because, as Russell noted, some consignors have already nominated non-select horses, a normal July auction would receive 600-700 nominations.

Russell said all major consignors had nominated some horses to this point. "Some just nominated their early foals," he said.

Starting in a few weeks and continuing through April, Russell, associate sales director Tom Thornbury, and veterinarians Peter Hall and Gary Lavin will physically inspect those nominated by March 1.

Russell said some consignors might also want the members of the inspection team to look at yearlings not yet nominated.

"If we see one we think is select quality, we will tell them," he said.

Those nominated for the select sessions by May 1 will be inspected in mid-May through July.