Pennsylvania Tracks Prepare to Lift Shipping Ban

With no additional positive tests for Equineherpes virus-1 since Feb. 26, Penn National Race Course was prepared to lift the quarantine of horses stabled in Barn U on March 19, track general manager Richard Schnaars said.

Of the original 36 horses stabled in Barn U, five tested positive for the EHV-1 virus. Two of the horses had to be euthanized, while three are recovering.

Philadelphia Park was prepared to rescind its shipping ban between the two tracks on March 19 if no additional positives were found.

Schnaars said once the quarantine is lifted, those horses will be prevented from entering races for an additional 14 days due to fitness concerns.

"Actually, our field sizes haven't suffered during this period of not having ship-ins from Philadelphia Park," Schnaars said. "We're doing quite well, and the local (Horsemen's Benevolent and Protective Association) had been encouraging horsemen to support our cards. They've really stepped up and helped."