NTRA Radio Campaign Recognized by Team Marketing Report

The National Thoroughbred Racing Association's 2002 national radio advertising campaign has won an "Ad It Up" Award as part of an annual competition conducted by Team Marketing Report, a Chicago-based sports advertising publication.

"With more than 500 entries from major league, minor league and collegiate teams, your radio campaign was chosen to be the best by our staff and executives throughout the sports industry," wrote Dan Migala, executive editor of Team Marketing Report, in a letter to the NTRA.

The NTRA's 2002 radio ads-produced in-house by NTRA Creative Services in conjunction with the New York advertising agency DeVito Verdi-use fictional, humorous race calls to emphasize the monotony of such common entertainment options as visiting bars or shopping malls, then contrast it with the excitement of horseracing. Race calls in each ad conclude with the tag, "Horseracing. We bet you'll love it." Five versions of the ad, in both English and Spanish, are available to NTRA members.

"Inspired by our 2001 consumer research, the spots were designed to attack the traditional barriers to attendance in a way that listeners would find memorable and entertaining," said Keith Chamblin, senior vice president of marketing & industry relations for the NTRA. "The spots are currently being utilized by more than 25 NTRA member racetracks, and additional research indicates that they resonate very well with our target audience."