Cooksey Suffers Broken Legs in Keeneland Spill

Jockey Patty Cooksey was seriously injured in a three-horse spill during the first race at Keeneland Saturday.

The initial report from Keeneland was Cooksey suffered a fractured right tibia and a fractured left femur. She was taken to University of Kentucky Hospital for further examination. Jockey Fabio Arguello sustained a minor head injury and a laceration that will require stitches.

The incident occurred entering the first turn in the 1 1/16 mile claiming race. Cooksey was thrown forward when her mount Ide Rather Not fell. A trailing horse then tripped over Ide Rather Not and appeared to roll over Cooksey. Also falling over Ide Rather Not was Classikas and Inosencio Diego.

The mishap nearly took another drastic turn when Classikas continued around the track without a rider. With outriders attempting to guide Classikas towards the outside rail and away from the fallen Cooksey, the horse suddenly bolted to the inside and ran towards the fallen rider. However, further damage was prevented when Classikas hurdled 45-year-old Cooksey.

Diego returned to the jockey's room unscathed. Gary Ecklar's Ide Rather Not escaped only with lacerations to his gum and right knee. He was expected to make a full recovery.

Cooksey was making her 100th ride of the season and just her third at Keeneland this year. She recently returned to competitive riding after beating breast cancer.

Mathew Daniels' Another Quest won the race.