Maryland Racetrack Slots May Come Up Again in 2004

Racetrack slot machines ran into many roadblocks during the Maryland legislative session this year, but some lawmakers said the issue will come up again in 2004, and that it has a good chance to pass.

"It's inevitable," Del. Sally Jameson said. "There's no revenue out there. You will definitely see a new slots proposal."

The Washington Post reported the delegates made their comments April 15 at a breakfast sponsored by the Charles County Chamber of Commerce. Lawmakers were asked to discuss the latest legislative session.

Gov. Robert Ehrlich Jr. said slot machines at four Maryland racetracks were his top priority to cure a $2-billion state budget deficit and assist the horse racing industry. The bill narrowly passed the Senate but died in a House committee.

Slots supporters said next year's proposal could be broader in that casino gambling might be included.