Juvenile Consignors May Pursue Changes For Under Tack Shows

The National Association of 2-Year-Old Consignors (NATC) is considering a push to change the format for under tack shows at juvenile auctions. According to Florida pinhooker and NATC board member Nick de Meric, the organization plans to send a survey to juvenile sellers throughout North America asking whether the number of under tack shows should be reduced from two to one. The two-show schedule is used for major select sales in California, Florida, and Kentucky.

"A number of us sense that there is a growing momentum of opinion among sellers that two breeze shows put too much pressure on 2-year-olds," de Meric said. "We want to survey as many sellers as we can to see if there is a consensus."

The decision to conduct the survey was made during an NATC board meeting prior to the Ocala Breeders' Sales Co.'s April auction of 2-year-olds in training. If a one-show format is favored by a high percentage of sellers, the NATC would probably approach the auction companies about making a change, de Meric said.

"Anything that reflects a majority (in favor of only one under tack show) would have to be taken seriously," he said.