NATC Sends Out More Than 300 Surveys On Under Tack Shows

The National Association of 2-Year-Old Consignors (NATC) has sent out a survey to more than 300 juvenile sellers in an effort to determine if there is support for a change in format for under tack shows. The survey asks the consignors to choose between two options. One recommends keeping the schedule of two under tacks shows for the major select auctions. The other calls for just one under tack show, which would be held three days prior to a sale. The three-day window would allow time for the show to be postponed and rescheduled in the event of bad weather, said NATC president Dean De Renzo. It also would give sale companies time to distribute videos of the workouts.

The NATC hopes to complete the survey in two or three weeks.

The survey was authorized by the NATC board of directors and is being conducted because of the belief that there is a growing interest among sellers in reducing the number of under tack shows to lessen the wear and tear on their horses. If a majority of respondents support a change, the NATC plans to discuss the issue with sale company officials.