TOC Donating $128,000 to Charities

The Thoroughbred Owners of California will donate $128,000 to racing charities for the fiscal year 2002-03.

The TOC Board of Directors took the action at its June 12 meeting.

Donations included money for four organizations that care for retired Thoroughbreds and seven groups that help the people who work in the industry.

"Despite declining revenues, the TOC Board believed it important to continue to fund responsible and effective horse racing charitable organizations who are dependent on the assistance of the major horse racing organizations," said TOC President John K. Van de Kamp. "Horse racing can be proud of the support of many organizations that serve the health and welfare needs of industry personnel and our horses."

It has allocated $20,000 each to the California Equine Retirement Foundation and Tranquility Farm and $10,000 each to the Glen Ellen Vocational Academy and the United Pegasus Foundation. TOC also is contributing $6,000 to research efforts at the UC Davis Equine Athletic Performance Lab and $12,000 to the national Racing Medication and Testing Consortium.

Other leading donations went to the California Thoroughbred Trainers California Thoroughbred Trainers Backside Employee Christmas Party ($7,250) the Winners Foundation ($20,000), the Race Track Chaplaincy of America ($10,000) and the Southern California Catholic Deacon ($4,000).

The complete list of TOC donations for the 2002-03 fiscal year follows:

California Equine Retirement Foundation Inc. (CERF): $20,000
Glen Ellen Vocational Academy Inc. (GEVA): $10,000
Kids to the Cup: $2,500
Don MacBeth Memorial Jockey Fund: $1,000
Race Track Chaplaincy of America: $10,000
Shoemaker Foundation: $2,500
U.C. Davis Equine Athletic Performance Lab: $6,000
United Pegasus Foundation: $10,000
Winners Foundation: $20,000
Tranquility Farm: $20,000
CTT Backside Employee Christmas Party: $7,250
National Racing Compact (national licensing program): $1,000
Southern California Catholic Deacon: $4,000
Edwin J. Gregson Foundation Dinner: $1,750
Racing Medication & Testing Consortium: $12,000