Ontario Racing Commission Losing Chairman

Stanley Sadinsky will be leaving as chairman of the Ontario Racing Commission to take over as chairman of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp (OLGC).

Sadinsky, who will replace Ron Barbaro as chairman of the OLGC, said his job will be to oversee all gaming in the province in his new position.

"I am excited about it. It's a wonderful opportunity," Sadinsky told harnessracing.com, a joint Web site of Canadian Sportsman and Horsemen and Fair World magazines. "Of course, the OLGC deals with gaming at large, except for the details of horse racing in the province. I'm extremely interested in the big picture."

An second person will fill Barbaro's role as chief executive office of the OLGC, Sadinsky said.

Sadinsky has been chair of the Ontario Racing Commission since 1994.