Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation Reacts to Death of Ferdinand

The Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation is committed to stopping the slaughter of all thoroughbred racehorses no matter what their racing stature.

"The news about Ferdinand gave me the same terrible feeling I had when I heard about Exceller," said TRF President John D Stuart. "When you are hit with the realization that even great horses are at risk, you try harder to make sure that we stop slaughter of all Thoroughbreds in this country."

Said Executive Director Diana Pikulski: "The fact that even such important horses fall through the cracks like this demonstrates that the racing industry needs to get together and make the retirement solution a universal one, rather than leaving it to individual tracks and individuals to do the right thing by their own horses."

A pioneer in horse rescue programs, the TRF remains the oldest and largest equine rescue organization in the nation, providing lifetime homes for horses at farms in 11 states.