NATC: Buyers Favor Only One Under Tack Show Prior to Juvenile Auctions

Buyers are "overwhelmingly" in favor of having only one under tack show prior to juvenile auctions, based on a survey conducted recently by the National Association of 2-Year-Old Consignors (NATC). An earlier survey by the group revealed that consignors also favor reducing the number of under tack shows from one to two at major select sales in California, Florida, and Kentucky.

"I'm not sure what the exact numbers for the owners are, but it's overwhelmingly in favor of one (show) by something like 20 to 1," said Nick de Meric, a board member of the NATC, on Monday during the Ocala Breeders' Sales Company's August yearling sale.

De Meric and other NATC officials said they conducted the surveys because they felt there was a growing sentiment in the industry for only one breeze show. They plan to discuss the surveys' results with sale company officials.

"As soon as we get the sale behind us, it's one of our first priorities to call a meeting (of the NATC), get our membership on the same page, and then go forward with (talking to) the sale companies," de Meric said. "I think we would be remiss if we did not (go to the sale companies). What we are concerned about is that we don't want to railroad any of our members, some of who have legitimate concerns (about only one under tack show). We do want to address those concerns, talk to them, discuss it, and see if we can make them see why this is the right thing to do. The horses are asked for two extreme performances in the space of a week, and, with few exceptions, they aren't physically or mentally ready to do that. The attrition rate will be cut significantly (by having only one under tack show)."