Florida Track Bags Show Wagering on All Races

In an unusual move, Pompano Park in South Florida has eliminated show wagering on all races for the 129-night meet that begins Oct. 10 and concludes May 1, 2004.

In a release disseminated by Harness Racing Communications, Pompano management noted only 1.45% of total handle each night is wagered to show on live races.

In the release, Dick Feinberg, general manager of the Standardbred track, said he believes show wagering, though a tradition, is a "sucker bet" that drives away novice or first-time players who may only get a 10-cent return for a $2 investment.

Feinberg said he wants to "shake the tree a little" and see if win and place pools end up with more money in them. He also said the move would eliminate the fear of minus pools for signal importers.

Pompano Park is owned and operated by the Isle of Capri Casinos Inc.