NBC's 'Ed' Goes to the Racetrack

When one thinks of horses and television it's natural to conger up yesteryear and Mr. Ed, but not this week on NBC. "Ed" the television show, will feature a trip to the races, a hypothetical racetrack, Jasper Park, actually filmed at Monmouth Park in August. The episode airs Wednesday night at 8 p.m.

The episode, entitled "Will Ed Be Trampled by His Own Dream of Owning Or Owing a Racehorse?" will show star Tom Cavanagh, "Ed," who also directs, and co-star Josh Randall, "Mike," act on a whim-- and a whinny-- as they fullfill their childhood dream of owning a racehorse by overpaying at an auction as they discover that the sport of kings can soon consume the income of paupers.