Kentucky Farm Managers Hear Fletcher-Pence Views on Industry

The Kentucky Thoroughbred Farm Managers Club welcomed Kentucky Lt. Governor candidate Steve Pence to its Oct. 7 meeting. The candidate discussed what role the Fletcher-Pence administration would play in promoting the Thoroughbred industry. The state election is Nov. 4

"Your industry is our signature industry in this state," Pence told the group during his opening remarks.

In discussing the issue of expanded gaming, Pence said, while Fletcher, who does not personally support expanded gaming in the state, would not stand in the way of legislation authorizing the expansion of gaming. He said Fletcher believes the voters of the state should decide the outcome of that issue through a public referendum.

"I believe it could pass in the legislature and I believe it will in the legislature and if it does then Congressman Fletcher will not stand in its way when it's put to a public referendum," Pence said.

Pence went on to add that relying solely on expanded gaming to rejuvenate the horse industry would be a mistake. "We need leadership in more than four years we need it now. Congressman Fletcher does not see slots as an answer to a problem. We need to make this more business friendly to you."

In a handout on tables, Fletcher outlined what he believed to be the most pressing issues surrounding the horse industry in the state of Kentucky. Some of the issues he believes to be important include competition from other breeding and racing states, out-of-state casino gaming, Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome, and in-state gaming, such as the state lottery.

Pence said Fletcher would be in favor of some type of breeders' rewards program in order to preserve Kentucky horse farms.

Democratic candidate Ben Chandler addressed the group's September meeting.