Pennsy Senator to Reintroduce Racetrack Slots Bill

Pennsylvania Sen. Robert "Tommy" Tomlinson, whose district includes Philadelphia Park in Bensalem, is planning to reintroduce a slot-machine bill as early as the week of Oct. 20, according to a report in the Bucks County Courier Times.

In July, a bill Tomlinson introduced that would legalize slots at state racetracks was passed by the Senate but was doomed when the House added amendments that did not get the required number of votes when returned to the Senate.

The new bill that Tomlinson plans to unveil calls for slots at eight racetracks, and an addition that would give host communities a minimum of $10 million per year. He also will include a provision that would keep gubernatorial candidates from accepting donations from gambling operators.

Tomlinson's bill is expected to face stiff opposition, according to the newspaper. Rep. Paul Clymer said he intends to add a variety of amendments if the bill comes to the House floor, including a plan to double the license fee from each gambling venue from the propsed $50 million to $100 million.

Tomlinson told the newspaper he thinks "the door is closing" on any attempts to pass slots legislation this year.