tBet.com: AmericaTab's New Affiliate

Online wagering company AmericaTab announced Friday its latest affiliate with the launch of tBet.com, owned and operated by Times: standard inc.

Times: standard, a Harrisburg, Pa., media company, is the principal owner of Trot.net, a major portal for Harness Racing Information, and several other harness racing related Web sites. tBet.com joins AmericaTab with its strength among the harness racing community. Harness, Thoroughbred, and Quarter horse wagering will be available through the live wagering network.

tBet.com had offered wagering services and relaunches with AmericaTab's center in Portland, Ore. The system offers instant sign-up, instant wagering, and a high-quality video delivery service.

tBet.com joins a list of AmericaTab affiliates which include WinTicket.com, BrisBET.com, BetHarness.com, MyRaceBet.com, Thoroughbets.com, TsnBET.com, WatchandWager.com, and WinAtTheWire.com. HipĆ³dromoEnLinea.com was launched in May as a Spanish-speaking specific Web site. Account holders are able to sign-up through these affiliates and wager through the live operator phone service or the company's closed loop computer systems.