Changes in Store at Calumet?

There are some changes in the works at Calumet Farm, but whether or not the farm's role in Thoroughbred breeding will be affected is still unclear. Tony Cissell, who was hired as farm manager in November of 1998, and farm trainer Joe Schlich were both fired last week, but a new manager has not been named. All inquiries are being directed to Richard Cross, an associate of Emmanuel de Seroux's Narvick International bloodstock agency in California, but at this point, Cross said he is simply "assisting to transition the management of the past to whatever will happen in the future." He said he should know more within a week.

Henryk de Kwiatkowski bought Calumet Farm in 1992. His death in March prompted speculation that the showplace farm outside Lexington would be sold, but shortly after his death his family announced there were no plans to sell the farm or its horses.

In March, his widow Barbara told The Blood-Horse "We're going forward; everything is just the same as when he left us. We're a family, and we're working together as a family. Everyone is in agreement."

However, apparently now the decisionmaking has been transferred to three trustees who were chosen by Henryk de Kwaitkowski prior to his death. Lexington attorney Mike Meuser is working with the trustees and said "the farm is not going to be sold, the horses are not going to be dispersed."