Sellers On the Mend

Edited from Churchill Downs' notes

Doctors who have examined jockey Shane Sellers since he cracked his tailbone last week in a freak paddock mishap have advised him to expect to be on the sidelines from four to six weeks while the fractured bone mends. Sellers has listened closely to those expert opinions, but the 37-year-old rider has a more aggressive timetable in mind.

"I don't see myself being out four-to-six weeks," Sellers said by telephone from his Louisville home. "I'm hoping to be out two weeks at the most."

Sellers, who is resting at home, admits to being "real sore" and said he is having "trouble getting around." But he is determined to get all the rest that the pain will allow in an effort to promote the healing of the injured bone. He knows that such a rapid comeback would mean that he would be forced to ride in discomfort as the injury continues to heal. But with horses such as Kentucky Jockey Club (gr. II) contender The Cliff's Edge and defending Cardinal (gr. III) winner Quick Tip awaiting his services in the closing week of Churchill Downs' "Fall Festival Of Racing," Sellers wants to swing back into action as quickly as possible.

"I've had a few spills through the year and rode through the pain," Sellers said. "I've worked hard to get these good horses that I've got lined up, but unfortunately this injury is something that I just couldn't ride through. But I'm going to do as much as I can to get back as soon as I can to keep these horses."

Sellers said he would take a day-to-day approach to his recovery--but knows that there is no procedure or medication that will accelerate his recovery. But he is hoping that, while the injured tailbone heals, some other aches and pains that have accumulated in other riding mishaps through the year will also get a chance to heal.

"Right now, it's just horrible," he said. "No matter which way I sit, it hurts. But I'm just going to stay off of it, give it a chance to heal and let the rest of my body heal up. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise, who knows?"

Despite his constant discomfort in the early days of his recovery from his latest injury, Sellers said he would do his best to "turn negatives into positives" during his time out of the saddle. "I'm spending some time with my kids," he said. "Pretty soon we'll have to be heading to New Orleans, so I'm going to take this time and use it to my advantage, get my body healed up and go at 'em again."