ReRun to Offer Moneighs for Purchase on eBay

Edited from a release

With the Holiday season close at hand, ReRun Inc., the national Thoroughbred adoption program, is making it possible for horse lovers and fans of Thoroughbred racing to give a truly unique gift that in turn gives back to horses awaiting adoption.

In the spring of 2002, ReRun began working with famous racehorses to create "Moneighs." These one-of-a-kind pieces are actually painted by the horses using lips, whiskers, noses, tails, and hooves, and are then custom framed with a locket of mane and photos to verify authenticity. Sold initially at auction in Lexington, ReRun will now make the Moneighs available nationwide through eBay.

"With funding becoming increasingly tight for all charities, we needed to come up with a workable plan to generate more monies to care for our horses in rehab and awaiting placement into adoptive homes," said Lori Neagle, co-founder of ReRun, Inc. "And the Moneighs are a way to ask for help from the Thoroughbred industry that doesn't involve a financial contribution...just a few minutes of their horses' time."

In addition to offering the works of current racing stars like Funny Cide, Congaree and Ten Most Wanted, ReRun will offer works by such "old masters" as Cigar, John Henry, Gato Del Sol, and a host of others. A list of Moneighs currently available for bidding on eBay, as well as future pieces to be auctioned will be available by Nov. 22 on the ReRun web site at You will find the Moneighs on eBay by searching on the keyword "Moneigh."

And in case you're curious as to whether your own horse has any artistic talent, in exchange for a donation to the program, ReRun volunteers will come to your farm and help your horse create their own masterpiece. Should you desire to give a fellow horse lover a never-to-be-forgotten gift, a Moneigh gift certificate is the answer. With a gift certificate, an appointment to paint can be arranged for after the Holidays, and the recipient can be present to watch their horse paint. Discounts are available for multiple appointments in the same barn.

For more information, contact 859.484.2003.