Lone Star Park Withdraws from Southern Racing Co-Op

Lone Star Park has ended its relationship with the Southern Racing Cooperative due to a possible conflict of interest in the future.

Lone Star Park was a founding member of the Southern Racing Cooperation in February 2000. However, Lone Star has since been purchased by Magna Entertainment Corp.

"While we have been supporters of the Southern Racing Cooperative, we feel a conflict of interest could arise in future contract negotiations between the group and our ownership, Magna Entertainment," said Lone Star Park general manager Jeff Greco. "It is best for both Lone Star Park and the Southern Racing Cooperative that we withdraw our membership at this time."

The Southern Racing Cooperative is currently in a negotiation impasse with the Churchill Downs Simulcast Network, which has resulted in CDSN pulling its signal from all member tracks. There has been little movement since the action was taken by CDSN last week.

"We hope to continue our positive working relationships with all Southern Racing Cooperative members, and wish them all the best now and in the future," Greco said.