Seabiscuit DVD and VHS Available Dec. 16

Those who enjoyed the movie Seabiscuit can watch it at home before Christmas. On Dec. 16, the movie will be available on DVD and VHS.

Seabiscuit, which hit the big screens this summer, has suprassed $110 million in movie ticket sales. The DVD will be available on widescreen or full-frame for $26.98 SRP ($19.95 MAP) and as a limited-edition 2-disc gift set. The VHS version will be priced at $22.98 SRP ($15.95 MAP).

The DVD includes a bonus materials that provide insightful background into the making of the film. In addition to production notes, cast and filmmaker bios, and CD ROM features, the DVD includes:

- Commentary from director Gary Ross and filmmaker Steven Soderbergh.

- A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film.

- Ross explains how a film is adapted from a book and the step-by-step filmmaking process from script to screen.

- Author Laura Hillenbrand and Ross recount the story of Seabiscuit's rise to celebrity status, accompanied by newsreel footage of actual races.

- Seabiscuit co-star Jeff Bridges' personal photographs of the making of the film.