Uruguay's Maronas Gets Black Type Approval

Maroñas racetrack in Uruguay has been granted approval for entry into part two of the International Cataloguing Standards and International Statistics beginning in 2004.

Horses that win races listed in part two of the catalogue receive black type but no group/grade designations.

In accord with the approval, the quantity of recognized black type stakes will be 40, with eight group I, nine group II, and 11 group III races. Twelve listed stakes complete the stakes schedule.

"We're very pleased with the decision of the ICS because in only 5 months since the reopening of Maroñas, they have given us 40 Group stakes, when at the international level, they are restricting the quantity," affirmed Enrique Martinez de Hoz, president of the Comision Hipica (Racing Commission).

Authorities stated the renovation of the group races is another instance of Maroñas gaining stature in the international racing community. By the same token, officials are also optimistic there will be an even greater quantity of group stakes in the future.

"This is both an indication of how good our current racing is and an absolutely essential tool for making it even better in the future," noted Lone Star Park representative Scott Wells, also a member of the Comision Hipica.

"The Thoroughbred breeders of Uruguay deserve this. They continued to breed good horses all those years while their national track was closed and they have been supportive and cooperative with Hipica Rioplatense in the renovation and reopening of Maroñas. The level of professionalism here is already very high and I think the competition for Group stakes will drive it even higher."