AmericaTab Launches Wireless Wagering Service

AmericaTab has launched a new wireless wagering service that will be offered free to customers with any affiliate account. AmericaTab has launched the product with its "On the Go" label.

"This is a good partnership in that the platform has been in development for years," AmericaTab managing member Charlie Ruma said. "We think our customers will find that it is as easy to use as our personal computer service. Our partners in Oregon have built the most comprehensive platform that is compatible with our navigation and features. The maturity of this system will elevate us as a leader in this technology.

"With the expected boom in wireless connectivity, our customers will have additional flexibility in accessing their accounts. While others are charging for this technology, we wanted to continue with the philosophy that we offer our features at no charge."

Customers will be able to check account status, receive entries and results, and wager on any track that is in the system in the course of a year. The platform has the same level of security with 128-bit encryption that protects account information.

Users of any device that uses the Wireless Application Protocol, Palm OS browser, or Windows Pocket PC Internet Explorer will have access to the system through their account.

AmericaTab, which hubs through Oregon, has a growing list of affiliates that includes,,,,,,,, and HipĆ³ was launched in May as a Spanish-speaking specific Web site.