Bob Fierro Begins Analysis Firm DataTrack

Bob Fierro, former president of Lexington-based Equix Biomechanics, announced he is heading a new horse analyzing company, DataTrack International, controlled by former Equix partners Anne and Don Rudder. The company will offer a range of motion and biomechanical services based on digital video technology. Fierro, the managing partner, is joined by Jay Kilgore, former Equix video technology analyzer.

"I believe we're the ones in the motion analysis business who can best apply this kind of technology to the needs of horsemen," said Fierro. "Both Jay and I have owned, bred, and raced horses, and we're both handicappers. People who buy at 2-year-old sales are handicappers. They have to take into account speed, but the fastest horses in breeze shows aren't always the fastest racehorses."

DataTrack will begin full operations during the 2-year-old sales season by offering their trademarked BreezeFigs, a speed figure based on breezed time, stride length, and power elements analyzed through the company's digital video programs. Fierro noted DataTrack will be a boutique service with a limited client list. "We don't want 15 people competing against each other for the same horses," he noted.