Equine Technology Expo Set for Saratoga Springs

(Edited press release)

The Sport of Kings will converge with the age of technology when Saratoga Springs, N.Y. hosts the first-ever conference and expo dedicated exclusively to exploring and probing the potential impact and benefits advances in technology bring to the equine industry.

To be called HorseTechnology 2004, the two-day event is slated for August 3-4. HorseTechnology 2004 is expected to feature seminars, conferences, demonstrations and exhibitors all tied to the emerging influence and unlimited potential that technology offers to trainers, owners, breeders, vets, jockeys, racetrack personnel, bettors, and fans.

HorseTechnology 2004 will explore current and future uses of computers and technology ranging from information data bases for buyers; on-line collaboration between trainers and owners to GPS tracking of a horse during a race, displayed on the palm computer anywhere in the world; to simulations of horses running against each other in future races.

HorseTechnology 2004 is the brainchild of Elliott Masie, a Saratoga Springs businessman and Thoroughbred owner. Masie is CEO and president of The MASIE Center, an international technology research company that advises Fortune 500 companies on ways in which they can effectively use technology. Masie is also the owner of Clarke House Stables.

"When I purchased my first thoroughbred two years ago, I was both impressed and hopeful about the many benefits that technology could offer this age-old sport," said Masie. "What I've found is that while technology today plays an ever increasing role in the sport's operations, there is still a tremendous amount of untapped potential that can help make horse racing a richer and more enjoyable experience for all participants.

"There is a 'supply chain' of players involved in the horse world, from trainer to breeder to owner to vet to bettor who can all benefit from more information and improved communication and collaboration."

While the burgeoning influence of technology on the thoroughbred industry will be the primary focus of HorseTechnology 2004, the expo will also cater to the many other facets of the equine industry including standardbreds, quarter horses, jumpers, dressage and more.

The event is expected to feature a trade show, seminars and conferences, which will be held at the Saratoga City Center, and will also encompass a series of hands-on, tech demonstrations at venues across the city, including the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame, the MASIE Center and Saratoga Race Course.

Among the issues that will be examined include:

* How technology can help prospective owners access information and more effectively analyze data in advance of yearling and all-ages sales

* How technology can help owners and trainers more effectively and efficiently track horses in training

* How technology can help facilitate communication between trainers and owners in a seamless, non-intrusive way

* How technology can improve communication among owners participating in a joint venture or syndicate

* How technology can help jockeys better prepare for their mounts, as well as help streamline communications between jockeys, jockey agents and trainers

* How technology can be utilized to help trainers and veterinarians better monitor the health of thoroughbreds and gain more immediate access to diagnostics at the track

* How technology can be used to improve the on-track and gaming experience for fans.

HorseTechnology 2004 will also examine the impact of emerging technologies on the equine industry and will investigate the impact that future technology may have on the sport.

For more information about HorseTechnology 2004 or to learn how to become an exhibitor at the expo, visit www.horsetechnology.com