Ohio Commission to Support Expansion of Audit

The Ohio State Racing Commission, subject of an investigation by the state Office of Inspector General, has agreed to allocate funds to expand the scope of its customary audit. The more detailed audit will look closely at issues raised in the probe.

The report by Inspector General Thomas Charles was released Feb. 6. The probe was based on allegations of lack of accountability for state time, inadequate policies in regard to gambling on state time, acceptance of gifts and meals, and other management-related issues.

Auditor of State Betty Montgomery, in a March 18 release, said her office would work with the racing commission on the audit.

"Given the nature of Mr. Charles' report, we're eager to help address those and other issues so the commission can legitimately move forward in a positive way," Montgomery said. "Our goal will be to conduct a thorough, independent review that addresses concerns of waste or abuse, and allows the commission to begin the process of restoring public confidence."

Scott Borgemenke, appointed commission chairman by Gov Bob Taft after Taft asked for the resignation of Luther Heckman, said the governor "made it clear to the racing commission that we need to improve our way of doing business."

The audit will take a few months to complete. Details weren't available, but the release said the review would include "certain performance audit procedures to determine the appropriateness and validity of commission policies in several areas of concern."