Consideration of Illinois Slaughter Bill Postponed

Rep. Robert Molaro Thursday postponed consideration of an Illinois Senate bill that would ban equine slaughter for human consumption in the state of Illinois. Dekalb, Ill., is the home of Cavel International, one of the remaining equine slaughter facilities, recently rebuilt after a fire destroyed the former facility.

The chief sponsors of the bill are Molaro in the House and Sen. Christine Radogno in the Senate. In addition to banning equine slaughter for human consumption in Illinois, the legislation would make it illegal to transport horses into or out of the state for slaughter.

Molaro postponed consideration of the bill after it was read for a third time during the House's voting, according to an aide in his office. A representative can postpone consideration of a bill if the votes aren't going in his favored direction in order to take more time to generate support for the legislation. According to the aide, Molaro can request a vote on the bill any time before April 1.

The bill was passed by the Senate almost one year ago to the day and arrived in the House March 27, 2003. After spending time in the House Rules committee, the bill had its second reading before the full chamber March 24.

A similar bill introduced by Molaro early this year was tabled on March 2 after it was assigned to committee.