Calumet to Hire Permanent Farm Manager

The trustees who operate Calumet Farm announced Wednesday that they soon would be hiring a permanent farm manager for the historic Lexington nursery. Prior to the decision, the California-based bloodstock agency Narvick International had worked as a consultant to Calumet, assisting the farm in its management transition following the death last year in March of owner Henryk de Kwiatkowski. Calumet manager Tony Cissell and farm trainer Joe Schlich were fired in October of 2003.

"I believe Calumet is now in a good position to move on and continue to be a major force in the business, and I hope that we have played a constructive role in ensuring the long-term future of the farm" said Emmanuel De Seroux, who heads Narvick, in a prepared statement.

The trust that oversees Calumet for de Kwiatkowski's family is based in the Bahamas and has three members, according to Stephan de Kwiatkowski, a son of the late farm's owner. The trustees' names have not been identified publicly. Stephan and a sister, Arianne, have been active participants in the Calumet's operation. Arianne moved to the farm from Switzerland late in 2003.

"The trustees decided that instead of being in a long-term relationship with an outside agent, they wanted to be more self-sufficient," Stephan de Kwiatkowski said.

He added: "Things are going great. We have the best crop (of foals) on the ground that we've had in several years. Narvick did a good job."

De Kwiatkowski said work on a gift shop on the farm has been completed and a store manager has been hired.

"We're selecting the merchandise now," he said. "It (the shop) will open any day."