MJC Sets House Rules on Jockey Ads at Pimlico

(Edited MJC release)

The Maryland Jockey Club issued a list of house rules Tuesday for any jockey wishing to wear advertisements in races at Pimlico. The list of house rules are as follows:

I. Jockeys may wear advertisements so long as the advertisements are in conformity with these House Rules.

II. The following advertisements are the only form(s) of advertisement that will be permitted in the paddock, during the post parade, riding in the race, in the Winner's Circle and on the Cupola at Pimlico Race Course.

a. Advertisements on jockey breeches and neckwear only.

b. Advertisements on jockey breeches are limited to a maximum of 32 square inches on each thigh of the pants on the outer sides between the hip and knee; 10 square inches on the rear at the base of the spine; a maximum of 24 square inches on boots and leggings on the outside of each near the top of the boot.

c. Advertisements on the neckwear are limited to a maximum of six square inches on the front center in the neck area.

III. No advertisements shall feature products or services which, in the Maryland Jockey Club's discretion, would be deleterious to the high quality, great tradition and image of Pimlico and its races. Examples of deleterious advertisements include, without limitation, advertisement for bail bondsmen, cash checking and cash advance services, and high-risk lending services.

No advertisement may advertise (a) another pari-mutuel wagering company or racetrack, (b) any company that conducts telephone or Internet wagering or netcasting, and/or (c) riverboats, casinos and/or other gaming companies.
All advertisements must further be tasteful, unobtrusive and in keeping with the high quality, great tradition and image of Pimlico and its races.

IV. No advertisement and/or its sponsor(s) may conflict with or infringe upon the then current advertisement and sponsors of the Maryland Jockey Club or its affiliates and partners including, without limitation, Triple Crown Productions and the telecast partner. For example, Visa is currently a sponsor. A jockey could not wear advertisements for any other consumer payment service. No headwear featuring an advertisement may be worn while in one of the areas designated in paragraph 2 of these House Rules.

V. Advertising restrictions also apply to jockeys' family members and agents in the following areas: paddock, Winner's Circle, and Cupola.

VI. All advertisements and their sponsors are subject to the prior written approval of the Maryland Jockey Club. At least 48 hours before the applicable race, a jockey proposing to wear an advertisement(s) must submit to the Maryland Jockey Club's chief operating officer or his designee a description of the advertisement to be worn with the name of the brands and sponsor on the attached form. The attached form must be signed by the owner/trainer of the horse on which the jockey will ride before the Maryland Jockey Club will consider the request. If the Maryland Jockey Club does not approve the advertisement (including the brand and sponsor), then the jockey shall not wear the advertisement in the applicable race.

VII. Each jockey's valet is expected to adhere to these House Rules. The Maryland Jockey Club may in its discretion (a) waive the 48 hour requirement or (b) grant approvals that apply to more than one race or race day (a "blanket approval"). The Maryland Jockey Club may retract a blanket approval if it procures a competing sponsor after granting such a blanket approval.

VIII. If a jockey attempts to wear an advertisement(s) that does not comply with these House Rules, then the Maryland Jockey Club will take action as it deems appropriate in its sole discretion. Such action will include, without limitation, exclusion from the property or racetrack, or taking disciplinary action against Maryland Jockey Club employees who are part of any non-compliance activity.