Smarty Jones Leads 'Gallop Poll'

Smarty Jones' attempt to sweep the Visa Triple Crown Challenge and the 2004 presidential election have led a central Kentucky horseman to put a lighter touch on both events.

Horseman David Mullins said he has distributed 500 bumper stickers promoting "Smarty Jones for President."

"He is leading the 'gallop poll'," Mullins says. "I have never seen such a buzz for a horse. This is a way to use something topical to put a smile on people's faces and to help promote the horse industry."

Referring to the Elusive Quality  colt's undefeated record, Mullins added, "In all the primaries so far, everybody's behind him."

In a press release supporting the colt's candidacy, Mullins notes, "Here is the perfect candidate. He grew up in the state of Pennsylvania, but has strong family connections in Kentucky and all over the country. He has unanimous support in each and every state. He won the Pennsylvania primaries late last year by wide margins.

"Early this year he traveled to the great state of New York and won their primary," Mullins continued. "His bandwagon rolled through Arkansas, filling his coffers with plenty of campaign funds, taking the state by storm and gaining national support. Then it was on to Kentucky, where torrential storms on the big day couldn't keep him down."

Mullins even pulled trainer John Servis and jockey Stewart Elliott into the campaign picture.

"Here is a guy who picked his running mate, Stewart Elliot, early and stuck by him. He gets all the right advice from his able advisor John Servis. The primaries continued in Maryland, where he won in a landslide. He's undefeated without competition in sight. What's not to like about Mr. Jones, He's got charisma, good looks, down home appeal. He's even honest. He admits he'll be having sex all next spring while he's in office."

Mullins concludes: "The choice is simple SMARTY JONES FOR PRESIDENT."

Mullins said he may order an additional 500 bumper stickers, which were printed by a New York company. Mullins said he has been inundated with requests for the bumper stickers as people have heard about them and that he is hopeful that the National Thoroughbred Racing Association or another industry group would pick up the bumper sticker distribution.