Jockey Morgan Discharged From Hospital

Veteran jockey Mike Morgan checked out of Louisville's Norton Audubon Hospital on Tuesday, but injuries he suffered in a four-horse spill on Sunday at Churchill Downs will keep him on the sidelines for several weeks.

Morgan told representatives from Churchill Downs by telephone that additional tests at the hospital had revealed damage to two vertebrae that would keep him out of the saddle for several weeks.

Initial examinations after the accident had detected no fractures, but Morgan said that a CAT scan performed on Monday found a pair of fractures in one vertebra and another that had been cracked.

Morgan said his doctor has prescribed 60 days of rest and he was told that the injuries should heal without the need for surgery.

"I'm feeling a little better physically and mentally," said Morgan. "We'll let it heal on its own and it should heal in place."

He said he would undergo another CAT scan in two weeks to monitor the progress of the healing.