Shares of Lewis' Stable No Longer for Sale

A plan to attract new owners by selling an interest in the 2-year-old stable of Bob and Beverly Lewis has been shelved, said Barry Weisbord, who helped facilitate the venture through his Premier Thoroughbred Ventures.

A late start to the venture -- it was announced in March at Keeneland -- resulted in its ultimate demise for this year, Weisbord said.

"The process from the point when the Lewises ultimately agreed was way more involved than we anticipated," Weisbord said. "We were a little too excited when they said yes and we decided to pursue it, but everything took a little longer than we hoped."

The Lewises were offering 15 individuals a combined 10% interest in 32 2-year-olds for a price of $150,000. Weisbord said several shares had been sold, but when some of the horses began racing and establishing value, it no longer was fair to keep selling the shares.

"We thought that would be a little uncomfortable," Weisbord said. "The plan was to have this done by April 1 but that didn't happen."

Weisbord, who came up with the plan, believes a similar venture would be successful given enough time. He said it would be up to Keeneland to try it again.

Keeneland president Nick Nicholson said there are no immediate plans for a similar venture but it would be looked at again at the beginning of next year.