Arlington Park Infied Board Mostly Operational

(from Arlington Park notes)
Arlington Park's infield tote board, out of service since an internal fire following the racing program June 12, was mostly up and running in time for the July 4 racing program.

"On the East end of the tote board, it looks like we will be mostly operational," said Tony Petrillo, Arlington's director of facility operations early Sunday afternoon as repairs were still in progress. "We expect to have everything working except the fractional times and the show pool information.

"On the West end tote board everything should be working except for the fractional timer," Petrillo said. "Odds, results and payoffs should all be available.

"We are making steady progress on the Daktronics board (in the area where the fire started)," Petrillo concluded, "and we expect that board up and running by the first race."