Injured Solis Awaits Medical Opinion on Surgery

(from Del Mar notes)
Two-time Del Mar riding champion Alex Solis, injured in a spill Friday, awaits one more medical opinion before making a decision on whether to have surgery to repair the broken vertebra in his back, according to agent Scott McClellan.

McClellan said Sunday morning that Solis' son, Alex Jr., would be taking the results of all of the tests made to a doctor in Pasadena for his study and decision. "We believe surgery is next for Alex, but we want to make sure that all doctors agree on the matter," McClellan added.

The surgery would be done to stabilize the spinal cord in the area of the fracture, McClellan said. "Whatever the decision," the agent and close friend said, "it will be based on what is best for Alex's safety."

McClellan said at this time there's no reason to think that Solis would not return to riding, adding, however, that the time frame is unknown. "He'll take all the time necessary to heal fully," he said. "We won't push to get him back riding. We will push to make sure he is at peak health before coming back."

Solis was hurt when his mount in Friday's third race, Golden K K, clipped heels with another horse and fell, throwing Solis to the ground. In addition to the back injury, Solis suffered three broken ribs.