California OKs Import of Some Foreign Racing

Legislation allowing California Thoroughbred or fair associations to distribute signals from Canada, Australia and Canada and accept wagering from facilities across the state was signed Aug. 17 by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The measure, by Assemblyman Jerome E. Horton (D-Inglewood), gives racing an important marketing tool, believes Horton.

AB 509 allows a Thoroughbred or fair association, during its run of live racing, to distribute the audiovisual signal and accept wagers on the results of races in Canada, Australia, and Hong Kong.

"Allowing a racing association or fair to import out-of-country races will give California racetracks a marketing tool and leverage with tracks outside of the United States," Horton said in a release. "The bill will generate additional revenue for purses and breeder's incentives which I hope will entice owners and breeders to stay in California.

"In the face of competition from other racing jurisdictions and gaming enterprises, it is essential that California's horse racing industry begin to look at its core business in a global manner," Horton added.