NYRA Moves Up Saratoga Seat Lottery Deadline for 2005

Edited from NYRA release
The New York Racing Association will move up the 2005 Saratoga seat lottery to Oct. 31, 2004 in order to speed up the processing of seat requests.

"In recent years, people did not receive confirmation of their ticket orders until spring," said NYRA vice president of customer service Cathy Marino. "Because of the time factor, Belmont Stakes tickets were also going on sale shortly afterwards. That created a delay handling ticket requests. By starting at an earlier date and creating better separation between the deadlines for our major events we expect people will know sometime in January how they fared in the seat lottery."

Reserved seat application forms must be postmarked by Oct. 31, 2004 to be included in the initial lottery. Any orders postmarked later than that date will be processed in chronological order.

First priority will be given to those who order the same number of seats each day for the same location for the entire meet.

Second priority, and back after a year's absence, will be given to those who order the same number of seats for at least a full week meaning six consecutive racing days for the same location.

After those two categories are satisfied all other requests are fulfilled.

Also available is the VIP Section. Patrons can purchase a package for $5,000, which includes four seats in Section D of the clubhouse, four clubhouse admissions and racing programs along with an Oklahoma preferred parking space. For two seats in Section D, two clubhouse admissions and racing programs, along with an Oklahoma preferred parking space, the price is $2,750. Those who opt for the VIP Section have the option of renewing those same seats every year.

Additionally, seating prices on weekends have been raised $1 in the grandstand and $3 in the clubhouse. Reserved seat prices on weekdays are unchanged from 2004.

"Prices have been raised on weekends because of the heavy demand for reserve seating on those premium days," Marino explained. "Saturdays and Sundays are obviously the most popular days, and we hope that weekday sales will improve by keeping those prices the same as this year."

The following pricing schedule will be in effect for 2005:

Clubhouse -- $9, $10 and $12
Grandstand -- $6 and $7

Clubhouse -- $12, $13 and $15
Grandstand -- $7 and $8.

Clubhouse -- $22, $23 and $25
Grandstand -- $17 and $18