TVG Launches on Cable Television in 13 Markets

TV Games Network launched on cable television in 14 markets via Comcast Communications, the company announced Sept. 14. About 11 million subscribers will have access to the network through the new carriage deals.

The markets are Los Angeles, Sacramento, and San Francisco in California; Albuquerque, N. Mex.; Baltimore and nearby Delaware; Boston; Chicago; Cleveland, Ohio; Pittsburgh, Pa.; Portland, Ore.; Seattle; South Bend, Ind.; and Tuscon, Ariz.

TVG will be made available via digital cable on the systems. TVG said the launches signal a continued widespread interest among cable operators looking to strengthen their digital tiers.

Pursuant to an agreement between the network and Comcast that was announced in February, the launches are the first phase of a national rollout of the network on Comcast systems nationwide.

"Having just celebrated its fifth-year anniversary, TVG continues its momentum by setting new records for wagering, signing new, exclusive racetrack partnerships with Emerald Downs in Washington state and the New York Racing Association, and maintaining consistent distribution growth," TVG president Ryan O'Hara said in a release.

Comcast has carried TVG in Maryland since July 2001.

Currently, TVG offers wagering via telephone and personal computer, and still has plans to launch a wagering option via remote control.