Report: Atlanta Horse-Shipping Facility to Close

Edited released from American Horse Council

The American Horse Council has been informed that effective Nov. 5, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport will close the Atlanta Equine Complex, which has served as an export-import facility for horses.
According to reports, all exports that have been accepted at the facility through Oct. 30, 2004, will continue to be served. If a facility located within 60 miles of the airport can be approved as an export inspection facility, exports through Atlanta could resume.

"The Atlanta facility was granted temporary status allowing permanent entry horses to enter the U.S. through it," AHC president Jay Hickey said in a release. "This was necessary to handle the overflow from USDA's quarantine stations in New York and Miami when import demand is very high. Without this facility, we expect horse imports to be delayed when demands are at their highest."

The AHC will continue to press upon USDA the importance of establishing rules permitting the establishment and operation of privately-owned, permanent-entry quarantine facilities for horses, Hickey said.