Kentucky Horse Park, Georgetown College Partner on Equine Program

The Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Ky. has entered into a partnership with nearby Georgetown College in an effort to provide what is described as "an exceptional learning experience" for students enrolled in the school's newly designed Equine Scholars Program.

The program targets students interested in receiving their liberal arts education, while simultaneously pursuing their passion for the horse, according to a release. It offers scholarships, internships and flexible classes, and personal horse stabling is also available close to the campus.

Acceptance to the program will require academic excellence, an endorsement from an equine professional in the horse industry, and a personal love of the horse.

Along with other equine organizations in the Bluegrass region, the Kentucky Horse Park will help students add internships to their academic experience to meet their specific needs in equine areas as well as business, design, museum and educational fields. In addition, park instructors and staff will provide the college with periodic lectures and demonstrations to further the students' understanding of horses.

"Georgetown College's Equine Scholars Program is exactly the type of learning opportunity we can support," said the park's executive director, John Nicholson, "it has a primary goal of attracting quality young people to serve and solidify central Kentucky as the 'horse capitol of the world.'"

College president Bill Crouch agreed. "As most people know, Kentucky's relationship with the horse is special, and Georgetown College is doing its part to help young people take advantage of that. Now a good student doesn't have to choose between a college education and following their equine interests," Crouch said.