Blood-Horse Publications, Equine Vision in Licensing Agreement

Edited from Blood-Horse release
Blood-Horse Publications and Equine Vision announced Wednesday a licensing agreement that will make 360-degree, three-dimensional stallion videos available through the stallion reference,

Equine Vision is noted for pioneering such proprietary stallion presentations and for producing traditional walking and conformation videos. is known as the industry's leading and most comprehensive online site for stallion information, according to the release.

Imagery of the first 150 stallions in the Equine Vision library will go live this fall on the 2005 version of New multi-media content will be added as it is produced.

The license agreement was negotiated after research indicated that readers enjoyed reviewing high-quality, interactive video, the release stated. The proprietary study, commissioned by Blood-Horse Publications, was performed by The Matrix Group of Lexington.

"It is clear from our research that Web-based video can be effective, but only if it is done right," said Stacy V. Bearse, president and CEO of Blood-Horse Publications. "Readers told us that amateurish presentations can be counterproductive. So we decided to team up with Equine Vision, which has compiled the largest library of professional video and three-dimensional interactive presentations. Our license allows us to use this content on, and on client farm Web sites."

Daniel Burgner, president of Equine Vision noted, "Three years ago we developed a cutting-edge production process to capture 360-degree imagery of stallions and delivered it to breeders around the world," Burgner said. "By adding this exclusive media source to conformation video and past performance race footage, we provide stallion farms with a unique, innovative marketing tool that expands their promotional reach. The growing relationship between Equine Vision and Blood-Horse Publications continues to benefit breeders, online users, and stallion farms alike."

Burgner founded Equine Vision, based in Santa Barbara, Calif., to create unique production processes to market Thoroughbred horses. Equine Vision also produces custom CD-ROM and DVD marketing programs for stallion farms.