Customers Cash in on AmericaTab Pick 6 Promo

The first-ever national Breeders' Cup Ultra Pick 6 "Players' Pool" introduced by AmericaTab produced five winning tickets that paid a total of $280,748.

AmericaTab customers could contribute a minimum of $10 into the pool and earn that percentage of any winnings. The Players' Pool climbed to $44,280 when it closed two hours prior to the first Breeders' Cup Ultra Pick 6 race Oct. 30 at Lone Star Park.

Three players huddled in the War Admiral Room at Beulah Park in Grove City, Ohio, and constructed a combination of tickets that had five of six winners. The consolation paid $56,149 on each of five tickets.

After taxes, the payout was $210,563, which was divided among the customers based on the amount of their investment. Officials estimated that each customer will receive $4.76 after taxes for every dollar put into the pool.

There were no perfect Ultra Pick 6 tickets. The AmericaTab Players' Pool accounted for five of the 61 winning consolation tickets in the country.

"The Players' Pool was a big success," said Mike Weiss, executive vice president of AmericaTab and general manager of Beulah Park. "It was a good promotion for our existing customers and a way to introduce new fans to the game. We'll be having the Players Pool again on special promotional days."

The plan was to introduce new- and medium-level players to the pick six to increase their odds for a payoff based on expert selections. The experts were selected on their handicapping credentials and experience in hitting pick sixes.

The panel consisted of Brad Anderson, who has hit pick sixes this year that have paid $1,312,808, $170,000, $50,000, and $33,000; Rich Nilsen, a four-time National Thoroughbred Racing Association contest qualifier and marketing director of; and Ron Ruchtie who has cashed in more than 75 previous pick sixes.

The total pool represented 681 AmericaTab customers with an average investment of $65 into the pool.

Meanwhile, AmericaTab set a single-day record in handle for a Breeders' Cup day with a total handle of $1,642,696, up 24% from Breeders' Cup day last year. Wagering on the Cup accounted for $1,260,318 of the total, up 18%.