Sixty Items from Seabiscuit, the Movie, up for Auction

Thoroughbred Racing Collectibles (TRC), an Internet auction and sales company run by Lake Worth, Fla. resident Jim Setembre, is offering fans of the sport the chance to bid on 60 items used in the making of the movie "Seabiscuit: An American Legend."

The one-time collection of paraphernalia from the set, which carries a "certificate of authenticity" from Universal Studios which produced the 2002 film based on the Laura Hillenbrand novel, is currently on display at

Each item comes with a description and the actual scene numbers it appears in for those who may own the DVD and want to get another look. For the sale, one can click on an image to view the actual item before bidding.

An enthusiast of the sport and in the business of selling race-related items since 1987, Setembre said his company is accepting bids by phone, fax, and over the Web. Bids will finalize sometime late in the evening on the final day, Nov. 20.

Setembre purchased the items individually on ebay himself. TRC produces a catalogue of its wares--usually anywhere from 800 to 1,000 items per catalogue--for those who are less computer savvy.

"This is a fun hobby for many race fans in this country," said Setembre. "There really is quite a serious niche out there for these items, and the one's we're offering should tempt many of them."

Among the items he expects to draw interest are a pair of boots worn by jockey Chris McCarron aboard the fictional War Admiral in the famous match race scene, and the shell of Gary Stevens' riding helmet with "Stevens/George" scripted inside for his character, jockey George "The Ice Man" Woolf.

"Racing fans will be drawn more to items from the real-life jockeys," said Setembre, "while the movie buff may be taken with some of the other items.

"We have made sure to include things for the person with a smaller, $50 budget who wants to bid as well."