Sellers Files Complaint With National Labor Relations Board

According to information provided on The Jockeys' Guild Web site, jockey Shane Sellers has filed a claim with the National Labor Relations Board stemming from his ejection from Churchill Downs Sunday, Nov. 7.

According to the report, Sellers alleges Churchill Downs engaged in unfair labor practices when he was handcuffed and ejected from the track after he engaged in discussions with other jockeys about the lack of on-track insurance sufficient to cover major racing injuries.

The specific charge filed by Sellers is as follows:

"Employee Shane Sellers is a jockey and a member of the Jockeys' Guild, a labor organization devoted to promoting the interests of jockeys. Mr. Sellers has been a Jockeys' Guild member for over twenty years and was a delegate for the Churchill Downs jockey colony in 2003 and previously. On November 5, 2004 , at the request of another jockey, Mr. Sellers attended a meeting of jockeys held in an area of the workplace dedicated to employee recreation. Among the subjects discussed were safety issues and the lack of adequate insurance coverage for employees. Employer was present at this meeting through its representative. During this meeting, Mr. Sellers made known his thoughts regarding the important safety issues discussed at the meeting.

"On November 7, 2004 , again at the request of another jockey, Mr. Sellers came to the workplace in order to be present during a meeting of jockeys. Before the meeting could take place, and during non-working hours, Mr. Sellers was in the snack bar area of the workplace talking with other jockeys (including Rafael Bejarano and Jesus Castenon) about the issue of inadequate insurance for jockeys. At the request and direction of employer, Mr. Sellers was told to leave the workplace. Mr. Sellers was placed in handcuffs, detained in employer's security office, given a printed ejection notice banning him from the workplace, and escorted from the workplace."

The National Labor Relations Board is a federal agency charged with investigating and enforcing federal law governing labor-management relations.